For companies in highly regulated industries needing business change projects delivered safely, especially in M&A, by teams you trust, at sensible prices, that inspire confidence, free up your time and deliver results.

We focus on delivering project outcomes through SOW deliverables-based terms by bringing experts together into an assured delivery team: our projects are led by people you know and trust, leading the best resources, not just those on the bench.

Value Assured Programme Teams

Disruption, competition and cost-pressure continue to force us all to rethink how we operate.

We also need to challenge how we deliver IT and business change programmes.

Business leaders like the implied assurance from major suppliers but find it tough to bear the prices – particularly as programmes extend and flex – but want more commitment, ownership, input and accountability than may be the case with sourcing contractors.

Discover the Anubian alternative:


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Trusted Project Leaders

Our leads are experienced, trusted Programme/Project Managers. They direct and manage the delivery team; they are tightly aligned to successful project outcomes.

By trusted, we mean Programme/Project Managers known to you and your organisation.

Someone who has carried out work for you in the past, delivering exceptional results.

Someone in whom you have confidence in their understanding of your business, its processes, systems, culture, ways of working.

Someone who understands the expectations of your business and its users.

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Assured Delivery

Anubian’s leadership team has many years of experience of successfully delivering complex & sometimes challenging projects, and ensures that this experience is channelled to help assure successful outcomes.

This function is led by our Assurance Director and starts with in-depth review during the crucial design, scope and planning phase to ensure projects are properly set up for success. Throughout delivery, assurance monitors performance and importantly also assesses the dynamics and health of the team, and the effectiveness of communications.

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Enabling Success

We provide the support, commercial and financial backing, management of overheads, advice network and back-up that the Programme/Project Manager needs to lead and manage that team with confidence.

We identify, secure and motivate suitable resources for the team through the trusted Programme/Project Manager’s and our own networks and through our resourcing specialist sister company, Osirian.