Case Studies

Global Healthcare M&A

Managing compliant data integration for a giant new $15bn+ JV

The challenge

The task to separate and transfer all of the data from the contributing businesses into the combined new business was vast and hugely complex. The legal and governance principles defining who owns what data – and that includes digital, structured, unstructured and physical (think ERP, business data repositories, TeamShare sites, physical data archives, R&D data, clinical trials information) – in such a large, global and complex transaction is challenging, to say the least. Key was helping business managers understand what they needed to do and guiding and managing them to achieve this over a series of global phases in a timely and compliant manner – including making that data available to those authorised to access it. All of this had to be managed against the competing priorities as the organisations changed, with business operations needed to be maintained.

How Anubian helped

The client needed resources that understood both the demands of data disposition and the concepts and processes in this specific industry. The pressure was such that the management overheads of finding, choosing and managing individual contractors left much to be desired. Anubian’s assured delivery consulting model, using a managed team of experienced specialists, taking on delivery risk and providing assurance, was an attractive and safe option – and affordable compared to the major global consultancies. Anubian deployed a team at the start of 2020, lead by a highly experienced Programme Director, with regional PM’s, functional specialists, and change & communications managers, all co-ordinated by a senior PMO. The plan and delivery was flexed and adapted to meet changing business needs in this dynamic programme throughout.



Having helped to create a comprehensive plan, the Anubian team operated with a clear governance model providing outstanding reporting clarity that has since been adopted across the wider business. Supported by effective assurance reviews, the team kept delivery on track through the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis, and continuously adapted to meet changing business needs. The first 11 global phases were completed successfully and the client’s view is that the data disposition aspects of the merger are ahead of plan, confirming the confidence in the approach and the team.


I depend on your programme lead – he’s critical in the success of this and I rely on him hugely”

… clearest PMO reporting we’ve seen – thanks for briefing our other project leads/PMO on how to achieve the same”