Case Studies

Multi-country Pharmaceuticals restructuring

Urgent plan to secure physical archive data across 15+ countries

The challenge

The programme to restructure 15 country operations was in progress and discussions on releasing/redeploying people had been resolved. However it had become increasingly clear that there was an unknown but probably very significant volume of physical data held in the locations, which – for future financial and pharmaceutical regulatory compliance – would need to be retained securely in an accessible way. The exit deadline for those who understood all this was just 8 weeks away. Anubian had a reputation for fast action and had people who understood the nuances of dealing with physical data, and were asked to assess the requirement.

How Anubian helped

The Client’s initial brief explained the position, the desired outcome and the constraints faced. It was with some relief that the Client appreciated that Anubian’s subject matter experts understood the challenge and were already starting to shape up what the project needed to be. No budget had been allocated to this, so the first task was to investigate, scope and plan the approach – and come up with a justifiable solution to meet the business need, using what resources the Client was able to allocate, and without causing major financial issues. Speed mattered here and the project moved fast to start engaging the functional and country leads to evaluate archives, archiving contracts and office held data, from which the scope was assessed. This was quickly followed by the creation of key data disposition principles and definition, the appointment of new custodians/data controllers, and a plan on how to achieve the outcomes the business needed.



Within 48 hours of the initial meeting and brief, Anubian had identified several resources with suitable data disposition experience in a pharmaceutical business that could start immediately, and a costed proposal and draft Statement of Work with an outline plan and deliverables was agreed. The Client’s business team, supported by procurement, gave the go-ahead and the team was inducted and deployed 2 business days later, on the following Monday. Anubian defined the steps that needed to be done, the specific processes involved, and provided guidance and structure to all of the involved country operations. Anubian then tracked the progress, feeding reports back to the programme leadership, helping to build confidence that the objectives would be achieved safely.


Having spoken to 6–7 other sources previously, it was clear at once that you understood the challenge and gave us confidence that you knew how to deal with this”

… great support – we are in good shape in terms of the progress on physical archiving: the GMs and their teams now have a good understanding of what is needed. Much appreciated!”