Your programme gets the optimum balance between cost and delivery assurance in a new way.

We avoid the top-end pricing of the major consultancies – which particularly causes pain if programmes run on or the scope broadens – and we provide high levels of delivery assurance through our facilitated delivery approach.

We do this by providing all the necessary back-up to a proven Programme Manager who knows and understands your business — the back-up that he or she would have if they were an independent consulting company — but without the overheads and fixed costs of setting up and running such a business. The value to you is:

Reduced Risk

  • Higher probability of success/lower risk through greater involvement from trusted Programme Managers
  • Compared to a contractor model, improved assurance, compliance to standards, enhanced security and greater confidentiality

Better Value

  • Competitive fees as a Tier 2 consultancy, much lower than those of the major accounting/consultancy firms
  • A proper Consulting service, focused on deliverables for fixed fees within clearly defined Statements of Work (and thus intended to operate compliantly outside of the recently extended IR35 regulations that have resulted in many highly skilled resources no longer being available to Clients)

Reduces Your Load

  • The sourcing, on-boarding and management of suitable resources are managed for you
  • Acting collaboratively, on your side – no other agendas, no other services to sell, no games

Improves Outcomes

  • We provide the mechanisms and support to enable Programme Managers to have greater input and influence on your programme’s success
  • We are not driven by or limited to particular resources we happen to have available, with their particular skill-sets: we source the best people with the right skills for this specific programme
  • Greater commitment to the success of the programme through challenging more, seeking to add value, contributing ideas and experiences

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Comparative Positioning

Feedback illustrates a clear perception that there is greater assurance and less risk in using the major consultancies, whether the global systems integrators, or the major audit/accountancy/consulting firms – especially compared to sourcing independents and individuals (shown as the green line). However, there is also a clear perception that the costs involved rise substantially too (shown as the red line).

Anubian’s Value Assurance Programme Team model is all about delivering an optimum combination of these two factors, avoiding much of the risk whilst keeping the costs at manageable levels.

Value Curve