How is this really different from my other options?

The key is that we are responsible for delivering outcomes and take ownership of providing and managing a team that the Programme Manager ensures is aligned with the deliverables. We are responsible for creating and managing the team to that end – and that includes getting the right people on to the team, on-boarding them and managing them to the standards and objectives to achieve your programme goals.

Unlike contracting models, we focus and align on deliverables and outcomes, we provide assurance through health-checks, project progress reviews and scope change controls, and we take responsibility for sourcing and managing the team.

Anubian Value


Is this any better than using our default service provider?

We offer a dedicated team of on-site experts highly focused on your programme outcomes – at a competitive price point. Typically, we get feedback that we have more experienced experts in the team, are more visible, and that the comparative price for delivering that is below the alternatives.

How does this compare with the major consultancies?

Our pricing typically tends to be significantly lower than that of major consultancies and our focus is simple and singular – to act on your side to deliver the programme – in collaboration with you. However we recognise the advantages organisations feel in using the major consultancies in the planning, strategy and architecting phase: an increasingly common model we see is for us to be engaged for phase 2 project execution, where we can provide major savings in comparison.

Will the team be here, visible?

The default is yes – the model is based on an assumption that the teams will be on-site at the Client, rather than operating from home or from an offshore location. This typically is a preference for Clients.

However, it is also common for us to be asked to reduce our use of space and work remotely, which we are able to do. This can work well once the initial team dynamics are stabilised and there is an established understanding of the Client programme’s ways of working.

What is really meant by the “assurance” mentioned here?

This starts with the active involvement of our wider team in supporting the Programme Manager to define the scope, timescales and plan. This gets challenged by other Programme Managers, and our experienced Commercial, Practice and Assurance Directors from the start.

We then perform regular, active programme reviews, teasing out and pre-empting issues, supporting and monitoring programme delivery – as well as backing up the Programme Manager where they want to sound out ideas or seek the opinion from other similarly experienced people.

Can you offer fixed price terms?

Yes, Anubian’s focus is on providing results, usually defined as deliverables within Statement of Work engagements where the ownership, management of the team and risk in achieving the deliverable is passed to Anubian. This allows Clients to focus on their business and leave the sourcing, management and direction of the team and its resources to us.

What about the overheads for setting you up as a supplier and getting all the contract details agreed?

We try to make this as easy as possible, with pre-prepared documents, default structured terms & conditions and Statements of Work, rapid responses, and a pragmatic approach from our experienced in-house Commercial/Legal Director and Assurance Director. We are determined not to let this be an issue for Clients.

Is IR35 a relevant consideration in this model?

Client reactions to the changes in the tax status (IR35) of contract workers across the UK have impacted the availability and engagement of contract resources, resulting in a trend towards employment or deliverables risk-transfer based consulting. Anubian was created and operates clearly as a consultancy, providing services not resources, and owning and taking risk in deliverables within SOW contracts. IR35 does not apply to such models, though the changes have resulted in an increase in consulting enquiries.


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