Making stress your friend… No, really…

Anyone involved in having to deliver project outcomes will almost inevitably be familiar with stress… and perhaps lots of it. And most of us sense that stress – especially high levels of continuous stress – is undesirable. Sadly, finding a way to run projects without excess stress – whilst an enviable objective – is perhaps unrealistic. At Anubian we do our best, and hopefully, do achieve some reduction in our clients’ stress levels – but we are also pragmatic: completely stress‐free projects are still the exception.

So how do we live with stress without it having negative impacts on our wellbeing?


This TED talk, from Psychologist Kelly McConigal, gives some evidence‐based insight into how the way we regard stress is more important than the impact of stress itself.

This is well worth watching– 12 minutes of content and the payback is huge – in terms of personal health and longevity from regarding stress differently.  And it’s no complex behavioural change – it’s just about having this knowledge and insight into the impact of how we regard stress.