About Us

Anubian was born from a desire to address a frequent challenge from senior people in larger organisations tasked with safely and successfully delivering change programmes under growing cost pressures.

The message was that although engaging the major consultancies felt safe in terms of having a big name to rely on, there was always a worry about the relatively high costs running away over time – and a sense that those firms were always pushing for more business and the next piece of work.


The view on a lower cost approach, that of using the contractor market, certainly helped with budgets, but left too much of the burden of management to the busy Client – and didn’t provide the sense that there was a team batting hard for the programme objectives.

Over a period of time, ideas evolved between two people – one the founder of one of the leading Programme Management and SAP resourcing agencies, and one a former client of his and successful Consultancy business leader: they developed these ideas, challenging and refining the model, testing it with clients and with Programme Managers. The result is what we have today – Anubian’s Value Assured Programme team delivery model.

Martyn Proctor, Practice Director



Martyn is an experienced consultancy business leader. He has 30+ years’ experience running consulting divisions, start-ups, turnarounds, award-winning consulting businesses focused on business change, risk management and SAP, and delivering the post-acquisition integration of his specialist international risk services business into EY over a number of years.

Industry & Service Expertise

Martyn has considerable experience in creating service solutions to support clients’ business needs, developing robust consulting and managed services approaches that improve how things get done. His experience in commercial and public sector change programmes has proven invaluable in understanding complex stakeholder models and in how to shape services to achieve genuine win-win outcomes.

Career Achievements & Particular Capabilities

He has created consulting businesses from scratch, run practices of several hundred people in larger firms, set-up and overseen international operating companies within his business, and spent time in the Big 4 world.

A challenging mindset underpins much of Martyn’s achievements. Examples are the creation of subscription-based SAP application service for Local Government 20 years before software as a service became common; developing the concept of Asset-Based Consulting as a way to accelerate delivery, reduce risk and cut project costs; creating a culture that empowered a team of 40 high-calibre individuals in a new Global Innovation Centre in Bangalore to win innovation awards for 3 years in a row.

He has been programme sponsor on hundreds of programmes and projects, from minor technical transitions to complex transformational programmes worth tens of millions. Martyn provides the essential consulting practice leadership elements to make the Anubian Value Assured Programme team model a reality.


Colin Lapthorn, Operations Director



Colin is the MD and founder of Osirian, Anubian’s parent, and an experienced business leader with 25+ years’ experience in identifying, validating and placing professional services resources into organisations.

Industry & Service Expertise

As one of the UK’s most experienced resourcers, Colin has an ability to work with clients to get deep insights into what they really need and what will work for them – at a functional and cultural level, as well as in terms of appropriate and proven experience. He has worked with Private and Public Sector clients, and with consultancies and service providers over the years.

Career Achievements & Particular Capabilities

One of Colin’s key abilities is how he scours networks to uncover people who fit a requirement exceptionally well, and then carries out considerable research to validate that fit. This ability helped him to create what became one of the top three SAP resourcing agencies in Europe. His in-depth questioning skills, understanding of people and unwavering integrity helped establish the business as the place to go for excellent client and candidate experience.

Colin has also been a co-founder in a successful SAP supply chain consulting specialist, as well as helping set up a number of other businesses with and for partners. His creative and entrepreneurial drive has worked well through a simple focus on understanding and addressing the real needs of clients, a total commitment to transparency and compliance, and excellence in operational matters across service delivery and the essential back office and financial management functions.

Colin has systematically defined processes and a culture across the business that ensures that superior experience is delivered consistently for all parties.

Huw Bollen Anubian


Huw Bollen, Assurance Director



Huw has 30+ years of international Programme & Project Management experience, focused on improving project outcomes through best-in-class project management and controls techniques combined with effective project assurance.

Industry & Service Expertise

Huw is a very experienced Programme / Project leader with extensive international experience and senior leadership roles in Project and Programme controls/ management/ PMOs/ Assurance. He has worked in Life Sciences, Healthcare and FMCG, across large complex capital projects, new production introductions, manufacturing operations, supply chain, business transformation, IT and global ERP programmes.

Huw is a Chartered Chemical Engineer and Senior Visiting University Lecturer.

Career Achievements & Particular Capabilities

After successfully delivering major projects internationally, he took responsibility for Project Controls and oversight on a very large global capital project portfolio, supporting delivery and rolling out best-in-class project control practices. Following this he set up and led PMOs for large scale business change / IT programmes that culminated in him leading the Programme Planning & Controls for a £1 billion end-to-end SAP implementation programme.

He also has multiple experiences as a Project Manager leading cross functional teams to deliver innovative new product launches.

A key factor in his approach has been and remains the importance of setting up projects for success from day one, followed by the application of appropriate controls, governance and oversight through project implementation, closing with an assessment of whether projects have been truly completed to the agreed requirements, and what lessons can be learned for the future.

Huw provides the essential hands on Project Set up, Assurance and Governance skills combined with extensive real world project delivery experience to make the Anubian Value Assured Programme team model a reality.


Victoria Proctor, Commercial & Legal Director



Victoria is a 25+ year qualified solicitor with particular expertise in shaping successful commercial relationships for project and service delivery, through driving innovation and clarity in commercial agreements, and through service assurance and pre-empting commercial issues.

Industry & Service Expertise

Victoria has worked to enable and shape effective relationships between suppliers and a wide range of customers, from the big 4 to global giants, from Government agencies to start-ups. Whilst her work often starts with contract negotiation, the real value she brings is in defining statements of work and delivery management rigour to ensure mutual success. Her intuition about what creates delivery success and how to pre-empt the issues and disagreements that can otherwise arise is invaluable for all parties concerned.

Career Achievements & Particular Capabilities

Victoria did much to transform commercial processes in an IT and Business Process Outsourcing environment, driving win-win long term relationships that brought value to all parties. She has drafted, negotiated and managed complex projects and service agreements throughout the whole business lifecycle: her experience covers what works and how best to deal with issues when things don’t go as planned.

Victoria has been the commercial & legal lead for a major SAP practice focused on transformation in Government, and in this she brought clarity that helped project teams deliver success and avoided the issues experienced elsewhere arising from lack of clarity and definition in scope and the obligations of involved parties. Victoria has a particular ability in bringing creativity in shaping and defining services and metrics that are practical and fair for both parties.