How to set up a best-in-class PMO


An interview with Grantley Bridge

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Practical tips for effective project assurance and control

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Things to do, and things not to do .…

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Protecting Value In Mergers & Acqusitions – Data Disposition

tn - Protecting value

An Interview with John Monk, Data Disposition Expert.

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Making stress your friend … No, really …

TN - making stress your friend

Anyone involved in having to deliver project outcomes will almost inevitably be familiar with stress … and perhaps lots of it. And most of us sense that stress – especially high levels of continuous stress – is undesirable.

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UK £156bn ‘hidden profession’ revealed …

TN - hidden profession

Who’d be a Project Manager? Successfully delivering change, in almost any industry, is a complex balance of task management, awareness of the impact of technology, and psychology – at least.

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